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The M&A MARKETPLACE by cHcsm is about building TRUST with business owners and their advisors who assist them in selling part or all of their company. Pre-screened buyers pay all auction success fees. Our proprietary auction process is an alternative for the private company, business owner desiring to:

  • Take some chips off the table, buy out non-active shareholders or fund growth plans.
  • Sell a majority interest in the company to a strong financial partner allowing the owner to convert 60%-80% of their illiquid stock into CASH while maintaining operating control and the opportunity for a second bite at the apple in the future.
  • Sell 100% and retire.

If you are considering selling your company, but are not comfortable in hiring a professional intermediary such as an investment banker or business broker to represent you – the M&A MARKETPLACE by cHcsm can HELP.

Our proprietary, seller friendly limited auction process, along with our pre-screened pool of thirty financial buyers representing over 1,896 closed transactions in seventy-four industries, stand ready to offer you a QUICK, CONFIDENTIAL and COMPETITIVE solution for selling your business. For serious sellers meeting our minimum requirements, our Maxi-AUCTIONsm allows you to receive market validation of those essential requirements motivating you to do a transaction within THIRTY days of contacting our buyers at NO financial risk to you.

We know your employees are like "family", where culture and confidentiality are of utmost importance when considering a sale. Where can you discretely and safely go to sell your most prized asset?

The M&A MARKETPLACE by cHcsm - the confidential and competitive place where serious buyers and sellers meet.

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Many business owners do not understand the value of a professional intermediary. Owners see what appear to be large fees with no guarantee of success. The sales process can be long (nine to eighteen months) and owners are not prepared for this disruption to normal operations. These same owners are comfortable negotiating directly with a private equity firm or strategic buyer since the first can demonstrate a history of acquisitions and the seller usually knows the second.

Unfortunately, unless there is competitive tension to keep the buyer honest, the seller usually leaves a significant amount on the table. Worst of all, if negotiations with a competitor fail, the seller may have put their business at risk by revealing sensitive information. In addition, a failed transaction can greatly reduce the company's attractiveness to other potential buyers.

The Maxi-AUCTIONsm provides the owner a "competitive process" and MARKET VALIDATION within 30 DAYS. Additionally, it removes adversarial and burdensome features of the existing M&A process that have kept many owners from hiring a professional intermediary and receiving a competitive price.

Key Value Metrics Maxi-AUCTIONsm Current Process - Broad Auction
Time to Market Validation of "Essential Seller Deal Criteria" 30 days 4-6 months
Confidentiality Excellent Fair
Competitive Process YES YES
Adversarial Documentation Process NO YES
Closing Success Fees Paid By Buyer
Retainer Due Regardless of Results NO YES
Time to CLOSING 120 days 9-18 months
Disruption to Business Minimal High

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Our Resources links and Maxi-LINKSsm also provide the business owner access to information and sources that can educate and better prepare them for a transaction if they are not ready to proceed with our auction process.

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The U.S. is about to see the largest transfer in ownership of family owned businesses in its history. Approximately one-third of these businesses will transfer to the second generation and only about one in ten make it to the third1. Many will end up selling to a "friendly" competitor in a negotiated transaction, accepting substantially less than a competitive process would achieve.

After serving middle market buyers and sellers since 1989 as a professional intermediary, Huxley Nixon and Concord Hill Capital, Inc. is launching the M&A MARKETPLACE by cHcsm, LLC as a new and better alternative for business owners looking to sell or recapitalize their business. Private equity firms and other financial buyers make up exclusively the pre positioned "master buyer pool". A proprietary auction process provides them an alternative way to quickly access quality, private companies that are desiring an equity recap or sale but do not retain professional intermediaries to represent them.

The Maxi-AUCTIONsm process gives access to proven financial buyers in a controlled and confidential auction where the buyer pays all auction-success fees. The owner is only liable for an administrative diligence fee upon receipt of a Letter of Intent from a qualified buyer on terms acceptable to the owner. This seller-friendly, competitive auction allows the owners to put forth their "essential requirements" at the beginning of the process and provides market validation within 30 days of presenting the opportunity to the pre-qualified financial buyers. Below is a chart depicting some of the "value drivers" that buyers look for when reviewing the many opportunities presented:

To attract the seller, many of the traditional features of the merger and acquisition ("M&A") process that have kept them from appearing on the radarscope of financial buyers in the past are removed.

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1Family Businesses' Contribution to the U.S. Economy: A Closer Look, J. Astrachan & M. Shanker, Family Business Review, vol XVI, no. 3, Sep 2003


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The M&A MARKETPLACE by cHc provides access to family business owners that never appear on the radarscope of the general M&A landscape.


Busines Owners....

If you are considering selling your company, but are not comfortable in hiring a professional intermediary such as an investment banker or business broker to represent you – the M&A MARKETPLACE by cHc can HELP.