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Huxley Nixon - Thursday, July 12, 2012

Chris Manderson, Esq., writer for PEHub who has actively followed the JOBS Act is an excellent resource for current information if this topic is of interest. He reports the SEC misses rule making deadline, but "the Wheels Are in Motion" according to SEC Chair Mary Shapiro.  She recently told Congress it was "not feasible" to meet the JOBS Act's 90-day deadline for the implementation of changes to Securities Act Rule 506 to permit general solicitation in private placements to accredited investors.   


On this key component of the Act to make it easier for early stage companies to get funding "Schapiro had little to say about the JOBS Act’s creation of a new exemption from registration under Section 5 of the Securities Act...... She noted that the SEC has 270 days under the JOBS Act to implement the new crowdfunding exemption."

According to Manderson, "Schapiro in the past has revealed skepticism about crowdfunding, stating that it would weaken investor protection and be “a step backwards,” so it is not surprising that her testimony hinted at significant..."  Read more…


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