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The M&A MARKETPLACE by cHcsm is interested in learning about your firm and its areas of expertise. (CLICK HERE TO REGISTER YOUR FIRM) We are seeking to identify those "trusted advisers" who counsel family owned business owners and have expertise in the following areas:

  • Accounting Services targeting Family Businesses
  • Business Valuations
  • Commercial Bankers - Regional and Community Banks
  • Executive Recruitment
  • Exit Planning for Business Owners
  • Financial Systems & Controls
  • Investment Bankers/Business Brokers
  • Legal - Corporate M&A, Trust & Estates, Tax
    Succession Transfer Issues
  • Tax Advisory
  • Trust Departments
  • Wealth Management

The M&A MARKETPLACE by cHcsm is building a community of those professionals and "trusted advisers" that serve buyers and owners of private family owned businesses involved in or are likely to be involved in a transaction that involves a recapitalization or sale of the company. It desires to provide your firm access to owners seeking advice in your area(s) of expertise should they need additional preparation prior to participating in a transaction (SEE the New Tools tab on this page).

This proprietary auction process provides the owner with a very confidential and competitive alternative to selling to a "friendly" competitor or other single party in a negotiated transaction where rarely does the owner receive an optimal financial result.


The Maxi-AUCTIONsm where the buyer pays all auction success fees provides 30 Day MARKET VALIDATION for those qualifying companies ready for a transaction and the diligence that accompanies it. Family businesses with revenues between $20 million and $500 million and the owner(s) are interested in the following:

  1. Bringing in an outside equity partner for a Non-Control percentage of ownership to acquire a competitor, buyout a minority shareholder, provide liquidity for estate planning purposes, etc.;

  2. Bringing in a outside equity investor where a majority ownership is acquired but the existing owner desires to stay on and execute a growth plan in partnership with the new investor to take a second bite of the apple in the future;

  3. Selling the company to a loyal employee that does not have sufficient financial strength to go it alone;

  4. Selling 100% of the company and retiring.

There is virtually NO financial risk for the owner serious about a transaction. The buyer pays all auction success fees and you will be involved in the process with your client.

Click Here to learn more about the Maxi-AUCTIONsm and its eligibility requirements.



Number of Buyers 30
Total Deals Closed by Buyers 1,896
Numbers of Industries Represented 74
Buyers that focus on a single industry 7
Buyers that have Closed Acquisitions since September 2008 30

Most Popular Industries:

  • Business Services
  • Distribution - value add
  • Manufacturing - Niche
  • Consumer Products & Services

Sample of Specialty areas of Interest:

  • Healthcare
  • Consumer Branding
  • Franchise
  • Media & Publishing
  • Education
  • Supply Chain Management

EBITDA Range $1MM to $50MM

Preferred Investment
Legend # of Buyers Control Only Minority +
>$100MM A 7 2 5
$50 to $100MM B 12 7 5
<$50MM C 17 8 9

* Total number of Buyers is greater than total number of firms in the buyer pool because some invest in multiple size categories.


Buyer 16 - ".... seeks to become long-term partners with family business owners, management teams, and exceptional CEOs who have as their goal significant long-term growth in their enterprise."

"Philosophically, we believe that building a business takes time. We can invest capital in a business for up to ten years, or twice the duration of most funds ..."

"We believe in people...we have had the privilege of building trusted relationships with amazingly talented ...people of the highest integrity ... that do business on a handshake and put the interest of their
employees and partners ahead of themselves.... We treasure the connections that business owners have to their communities as well as their own employees, a connection that makes their businesses great places to work."

Buyer 19 - "We also remove syndication risk by using single lenders or a small group of lenders that we know to finance our platforms. As a result, we have closed over 90% of the Letters of Intent that we have signed in our 20 year history and have never failed to close a transaction due to financing."

Buyer 24 - " focused on the lower middle market and invest in a wide range of industries...we target private family businesses with revenue between $10 and $100 million and we strive to be the partner of choice for owners, entrepreneurs and management teams....we partner with management teams where they have limited or no current with owners to facilitate generational transition of ownership for estate planning ...or to acquire ownership stake of those family members not active in the business."



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The M&A MARKETPLACE by cHc provides access to family business owners that never appear on the radarscope of the general M&A landscape.


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If you are considering selling your company, but are not comfortable in hiring a professional intermediary such as an investment banker or business broker to represent you – the M&A MARKETPLACE by cHc can HELP.