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Is your firm seeking alternative channels to source quality deal flow and avoid "Broad Auctions"?

The M&A MARKETPLACE by cHcsm provides access to family business owners that never appear on the radarscope of the general M&A landscape.

Be only ONE of a handful on Investors/Buyers looking at an opportunity.

Click Here if your firm is interested in finding out how to become a member of this select pool of investors/buyers of the M&A MARKETPLACE by cHcsm 's Buyer Pool.


The M&A MARKETPLACE by cHcsm through its Maxi-AUCTIONsm process offers Financial Investors/Buyers a new alternative to source quality deal flow. Methods such as the "Broad Auction" are very inefficient and expensive, and it is difficult for private equity firms to differentiate themselves from their competitors. This approach provides financial buyers access to family owned businesses that never appear on the radarscope of the general M&A market.

A pre-screened POOL of ONLY financial Investors/Buyers has been established. As transaction opportunities present themselves, a limited number of pool members whose investment profiles best matches that of the seller will be contacted. However, this select sub-group will NEVER exceed ten firms and will usually result in competing with only two to three other pool members on any given transaction.

All POOL members must meet the requirements of the Maxi-AUCTIONsm process and must have evidenced their acceptance of the auction terms and conditions by signing the Maxi-AUCTIONsm participation agreement and NDA/ Non-Circumvention Agreement prior to being eligible to become a member.

Transaction opportunities will be pre-screened by the M&A MARKETPLACE by cHcsm to insure the owner:

  1. Is committed to a transaction as evidenced by a "Good Faith" deposit,

  2. Meets the investment profile of the selected POOL members and

  3. Has executed the Maxi-AUCTIONsm participation agreement and NDA/Non-Circumvention Agreement.

Click Here to learn more about the Maxi-AUCTIONsm



The Maxi-AUCTIONsm provides a limited number of financial investor/buyers an exclusive "first-look" at an opportunity to pursue a transaction with a motivated business owner that meets the investor/buyer's investment criteria. In this process, the auction success fees are borne by the investor/buyer. Both participants must be willing to sign the auction participation agreement that spells out the rules and requirements that apply to each in order to participate.

CLICK HERE if interested in becoming a member of our Buyer Pool.

Requirements of Investor/Buyer:
  1. Proven track record of similar transactions.
  2. Demonstrate ability to close in current credit restrained capital markets.
  3. Sign NDA/Non Circumvention and Maxi-AUCTIONsm participation agreement.
  4. Willingness and ability to submit an LOI within 30 days of receipt of opportunity teaser, subject only to due diligence, regulatory requirements and execution of balanced purchase documents.
  5. Except in situations beyond the control of the buyer and seller, buyer agrees to close within 90 days of issuance of LOI or seller can terminate process with return of their deposit.


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The M&A MARKETPLACE by cHc provides access to family business owners that never appear on the radarscope of the general M&A landscape.


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If you are considering selling your company, but are not comfortable in hiring a professional intermediary such as an investment banker or business broker to represent you – the M&A MARKETPLACE by cHc can HELP.