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Sustainability & Growth

Our revenue was flat or lower in the past 12 months.
We grew 0–10%.
We grew 10–20%.
We grew more than 20%.

Less than 10%
Between 10% and 30%
30% to 50%
Above 50%

We don't have anything in writing.
We have some basic revenue and profit goals for this year.
We have written revenue and profit goals for the current fiscal year and review personnel needed to meet these targets.
We have a rolling three year written plan that includes revenue and profit goals along with corresponding plans to drive and support our growth in the areas of sales - marketing - product/service delivery - and finance.

More than 50%
Less than 15%

Our banker calls if we need to make a deposit.
We have a manual system maintained by an outside bookkeeper that track sales and billings monthly and provide an annual Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet statements.
We use basic accounting software and have a full-time bookkeeper who compiles monthly financials (P&L - Balance Sheet - Cash Flow Statement) that are reviewed annually by our outside CPA firm.
We have a full time CFO/Controller who manages all financial matters and we use a computer software package that conforms to industry standards and provides us monthly financial statements and our CFO works closely with our CPA firm who audits our books

We produce a custom solution to meet the unique needs of our customers.
Aside from our standardized core products and services - we often significantly customize them for customers when asked.
We have a standard set of products and services that we modify slightly for some customers.
We do not customize our products and services.

More than 50%
Less than 10%

We provide services based on the skills or expertise of our employees and typically charge by time and materials for the project.
We are a traditional manufacturer or distribution company along with many others in our industry.
We are a niche manufacturer / service provider with few direct competitors / Provide a service or product to the consumer with strong brand recognition / or a value add distributor (providing additional value to the buyer – 24/7 service - replacement loaner, etc.)
We provide a high value add service or product based on our proprietary software - unique patented product(s) or exclusive licensing agreement(s) where the customer signs a long term (more than 12 months) contract to purchase the product or service i.e. cell phone network provider.

Only once
Once every few years
Every year
More than once per year


Everyone reports to me and I am involved in most decisions.
We have several senior people who are role models for others - but they are not given management titles and are not compensated for these leadership roles.
We have managers in charge of sales/marketing and producing our service/product and provide an annual incentive bonus for performance.
We have a management team in place responsible for sales/marketing and production - and they have a compensation package that provides a long-term financial incentive to stay with our company (i.e. more than an annual bonus).

Less than 50%
More than 90%


“C” Corporation
Sole Proprietorship
Sub Chapter “S” Corporation

Less than 50%
More than 90%

We do not have one.
My wife and sons work in the business and we discuss matters informally over Sunday dinner.
My attorney - office manager - accountant and I meet annually to comply with our by-laws.
We have a seven member board which includes our CFO - Production and Sales managers - our attorney and two outside industry experts.
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