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  • Maxi-AUCTIONsm * - a proprietary alternative for business owners who are considering a sale of a portion or all of their company.
    • Confidential
    • Quick
    • Competitive

      * FREE eligibility screening for all interested business owners (CLICK HERE).

  • Maxi-LINKSsm
    • Introduction to firms and professionals, serving those involved in the mergers and acquisition process and known to the M&A MARKETPLACE by cHcsm.
    • To websites of others related to the M&A Market and Exit Planning issues such as:
      • Accounting controls & systems
      • Current Market Metrics
      • Investment Banking Services
      • Legal Issues
      • Strategic Consulting/Exit Planning
      • Tax Issues
      • Topics of interest for the Business Owner
      • Valuation
      • Wealth Management
  • Maxi-MARKETsm - Opportunity Bulletin Board for Sellers and Buyers (starting 2012)
    • Corporate Finance and M&A transactions posted by registered business owners and M&A Intermediaries
    • Links to other websites listing Corporate Finance and M&A opportunities.

All buyers are pre screened and have agreed to the special rules of the Maxi-AUCTIONsm . The buyer pays all Maxi-AUCTIONsm success fees.

DISCLAIMER: M&A MARKETPLACE by cHcsm does not represent either buyer or business owner in any advisory capacity or agency relationship. Rather the M&A MARKETPLACE by cHcsm qualifies, facilitates and educates both parties in the proprietary Maxi-AUCTIONsm process and the rules governing it that allows for a quick, confidential and competitive transaction process.


  REGISTER Maxi-AUCTIONsm Pre-Screening Maxi-LINKSsm Maxi-AUCTIONsm Process*
Sellers Free

see below

Free* Potential Administrative Fee - see below & Execution of Auction Agmt.
Advisers Free Execute Adviser NDA Free* Execution of NDA



see below

Free* Fees - see below
Execution of Auction Agmt.*

* Registration Required

Maxi-AUCTIONsm Fees & Requirements

a. Seller-

    1. No retainers
    2. Pre-Screening - upon execution of Seller Expression of Interest Letter
    3. Execution of Maxi-AUCTIONsm participation agreement for all qualified sellers that desire to participate
    4. Administrative diligence Fee - $25,000 payable to M&A MARKETPLACE by cHcsm upon seller receiving at least one conforming Letter of Intent ("LOI") meeting their "essential requirements" or seller elects to accept a Non-Conforming LOI.
    5. Escrow Requirements -
      Good Faith Deposit/Breakage Fee equal to the greater of .25 of 1% of the transaction value determined by the seller or $50,000. Fully refundable upon: 1) failure of seller to receive a conforming LOI or acceptance of a non-conforming LOI, 2) buyer diligence issue and deal dies or 3) a transaction closing.

b. Buyer-

    1. Pre-screened by M&A MARKETPLACE by cHcsm
    2. Execution of Maxi-AUCTIONsm participation agreement (cancellable upon 30 days notice after 1st year)
    3. Opportunity Fee - $1,000 per month, deferred until 1st Maxi-AUCTIONsm opportunity plus
    4. Auction success fee- range between 1.25% and 2.25% of the transaction value depending on the size of the transaction. Fee payable at closing.


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The M&A MARKETPLACE by cHc provides access to family business owners that never appear on the radarscope of the general M&A landscape.


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If you are considering selling your company, but are not comfortable in hiring a professional intermediary such as an investment banker or business broker to represent you – the M&A MARKETPLACE by cHc can HELP.